May. 28, 2020

The Arts, Creativity and the Imagination are agents of wellness: they help to keep us resilient and energised and foster a flourishing society.
Practising art is the perfect way to live in the moment. No matter how expert or not you feel, we are all born with an ability to create.

On this course participants will explore a variety of hands-on visual arts activities including automatic drawing and painting, print, clay play, junk art and stop motion animation.
Through fun and games and visual thinking strategies you will get to experiment with different processes and materials to develop your ideas and thoughts, individually and in groups.

No skills are necessary but a willingness to explore, discuss and actively participate in the activities is essential.
Materials will be provided.

Jan. 11, 2020

Course Description:

This 8 week course will introduce students to a range of stop motion techniques such as hand drawn, Claymation, pixilation, time-lapse and paper cut animation. We will explore imaginative and experimental enquiry through a range of visual arts media. Short animated films will be screened and discussed to enrich and inspire students creativity.

Participants will get all the practical experience one needs to be able to build an entire animated project from start to finish using these different animation methods.
Small class size guaranteed

Course Content:
Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively as well as working independently and will also be given the opportunity to see their finished animated shorts on the big screen during Midleton Arts Festival 2020.
This course is aimed at anyone interested in stop motion animation, visual arts and creativity. It is suited to educators, parents, tutors or anyone interested in learning stop motion and visual arts can be incorporated into the curriculum in a fun and creative way
No previous experience is necessary. A love of visual arts and storytelling will help.

Night school online enrollment is now open at or you can enrol in person at our enrollment evening which is on Tuesday 21st January from 7 - 8 pm. All are welcome.

Feb. 26, 2019
arts in education portal documentation award recipients

Delighted to have been chosen for this award! Myself and Visual Artist Lucia Parle have joined forces to collaborate with children and staff at Midleton College under the initiative entitled TÁIM. TÁIM (Trail of Art in Midleton) is also the Irish expression for ‘I am’. As such, we seek to instigate a collaborative and participatory conversation with students, which not only situates, but also explores and expands upon the theme of identity and place within our locale.